Windows 8 TV Ad Campaign Kicks off Today Along with the Official Netflix App

Maximum PC Staff

You might love it, you might hate it, but like it or not Windows 8 hits the streets in less than two weeks on October 26th. As a result the Microsoft marketing machine has kicked into overdrive, and we finally have our first of what is likely to be many television bound ads designed to reel in consumers far and wide to the new platform.

The newest video appears to squarely target the family crowd, an audience that until now has been gobbling up iPad’s en-mass. It will be interesting to see if they carry on with this approach, especially considering that they are also possibly the most likely to be turned off by the radical new changes. Windows 8 may find a place in the market at the end of the day, we’re just not sure busy parents are going to be its biggest cheerleaders.

Coincidentally, the ad is also launching the very same day the official Netflix app hits the Windows 8 store. This is an important app to secure considering the Microsoft Surface also launches on October 26th, and it gives new buyers something to with their tablets day one.

Oddly I was unable to find it under any of the “spotlight” categories, but a quick search via the charms bar in the store app uncovered it quickly enough. This type of discovery problem is nothing new to users of Windows 8, and is a problem that needs to be solved fast. My test of the app was also cut short by an error message , but perhaps others will have more luck.


Anyone else out there appreciate the irony that that Google is footing the bandwidth bill on these videos?

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