Windows 8 To Integrate Xbox Live Support

Brad Chacos

Microsoft's failure to fly the PC flag at E3 left a lot of computer-loving gamers disappointed. Don't worry! When the Seattle Times interviewed Mike Delman, the vice president of global marketing at Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business group, Delman tossed PC gamers a treat; Microsoft's designing extensive gaming support into the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Unfortunately, it's the kind of treat that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. The catering to the console crowd continues as Xbox Live is being integrated into the Windows 8 experience.

"Live has been successful on the Windows Phone. Live will be built into the PC," Delman told the Times . Microsoft has big plans for Live, Delman explained. In the future, Microsoft wants users to be able to buy content on one of their devices, but be able to use it on all of the others – and Xbox Live is the key.

"Xbox Live will (be) the pervasive media service across devices," Delman said when asked if Live would act as a cloud-type service that enabled sharing between phones, computers and Xboxes. When did Xbox Live become less about gaming and more about becoming an iTunes clone? We've already seen a massive shift towards simplifying PC games as their console cousins make money hand over fist; hopefully, this news doesn't signal the end-times for those of us who like turn-based RPGs and strategy games with complex waypoints and grouping support.

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