Windows 8 to be Unveiled at All Things D?

Ryan Whitwam

According to Business Insider, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky will be at next week's All Things D conference. All Things D is a huge platform for any technology exec, and all thoughts have immediately turned to Windows 8 . Could we see the first official unveiling of Microsoft's next operating system so soon?

The software giant is reportedly working to improve Windows 8 in a number of ways. One of the most often cited examples is the introduction of ARM CPU support. These are the chips that are found in most mobile devices. As part of this, Microsoft would also need to design a touch-based interface if they want to be on tablets. We're also hearing about various UI tweaks that closely resemble Windows Phone 7.

The timing of this announcement would be about right. We've heard that Windows 8 will ship in 2012, and a June announcement could easily lead to a fall beta. That would give Redmond a solid window to test the product much as they did with Windows 7. Do you think we're going to see Windows 8 next week?

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