Windows 8 Tablets Slated for November, HP is Raring to Go

Paul Lilly

Tired of the current crop of tablets mostly sporting Android and iOS? If that's the case, mark your calendars for November, because according to reports, that's when Intel-based slates running Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system are set to land in retail. Anticipation is running high for next-generation tablets equipped with Microsoft's touch-friendly OS, which could prove game changing in the mobile space.

An un-named source "familiar with the device makers' plans" told CNet that the first wave of such tablets will show up in stores in November. The source described the schedule as being "tight" and that Windows 8 mobile devices won't be limited to strictly tablets, but over half of the "more than a dozen" models will be hybrid devices that function as both a notebook and a tablet.

Each Windows 8 device, whether it be a full-blown tablet or a convertible, will run Intel's Clover Trail Atom platform, which will be the chip maker's first dual-core Atom design built on a 32nm manufacturing process. A single-core version of Clover Trail will be used in smartphones.

Hewlett-Packard is one of the companies champing at the bit to give Windows 8-based tablets a whirl, according to Fudzilla , which says HP has no intentions of returning to WebOS.

Image Credit: Redmond Pie

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