Windows 8 Release Preview Leaks to the Web in China

Paul Lilly

Microsoft wasn't quite ready to tip its hand with a Windows 8 Release Preview until sometime next week, but ready or not, someone leaked the Chinese version to the Web. With the cat out of the bag, the Windows 8 Release Preview has been making the rounds, giving us more than just a glimpse at what the next build has in store, including an updated boot screen.

There was some initial question as to whether the build was the real deal, but after giving the 3.34GB download a test drive, Canouna from WinUnleaked delcared on his Twitter account that the build is "100% legit."

You can find a whole bunch of pictures of the build over on PCBeta's forum, which reveals the new boot screen, wallpapers, multi-monitor support, new Metro apps, and other tidbits. Based on the screenshots, it also appears that you'll be able to enable Aero Glass, if you want to.

Image Credit: PCBeta

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