Windows 8 is so Easy Even a 3-Year Old Can Use it

Maximum PC Staff

You may not be a fan of the new Windows 8 UI, but is it too complicated for everyday consumers? If you answered yes then I think you need to take it up with this adorable little three year old. Adam Desrosiers has posted a YouTube video of his son performing basic everyday tasks common to the average Windows 8 user, and he does so with little to no difficulty or coaching.

Of course you could always make the argument that a three year old doesn’t have decades of built up muscle memory interacting with a desktop environment, or more damning yet, that the new Windows 8 UI is so overly basic, that it’s best relegated to the tasks of a precocious toddler. Both of these are valid points of view of course, but it’s hard to argue with the reality that Windows 8, ecosystem issues aside, is already far more powerful and advanced than iOS.

So are tech pundits treating Windows 8 unfairly? Or is the new UI just too basic and underpowered for the average desktop user? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source Credit ( WinSupersite )

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