Windows 8 Gains Ground, Scurries Past Mac OS X in Market Share

Paul Lilly

Biggest month-to-month jump in share to date

Consumers may finally be warming to the idea of Windows 8 and its new interface. Though there's been a bunch of bellyaching up to this point, Windows 8 has slowly been gaining market share and jumped up 2 percentage points last month. That's the largest month-to-month gain in share since the operating system debuted in October of last year, and it was enough to propel it ahead of Mac OS X for the first time.

According to data by NetMarketShare , Windows 8 closed out August with a 7.41 share of the desktop OS market, up from 5.40 percent a month prior and 5.10 percent at the end of June. Growth seems to coming at the expense of Windows XP, which declined more than 3.5 percent last month. A third of all PCs still run XP, however.

While Windows 8 has a long road before it passes XP or 7 (45.63 percent, up from 44.49 percent a month prior), Redmond's touch friendly OS leapfrogged the last three versions of Mac OS X combined. Mac OS X 10.6 (1.65 percent), 10.7 (1.65 percent), and 10.8 (3.42 percent) account for 6.75 percent the desktop OS market.

What version of Windows are you running these days?

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