Windows 8 Developer Preview Downloaded Notches Half a Million Downloads on Day 1

Paul Lilly

The verdict is still out on Windows 8, as it should be considering it will be about a year before Microsoft's fancy new OS goes gold. That's when we'll really find out if Microsoft designed a worthy successor to Windows 7, or made a terrible blunder in gambling on the new Metro user interface. Some half a million anxious Windows users went in search of answers well ahead of Windows 8's release.

Steve Ballmer unexpectedly showed up at Microsoft's developer conference earlier this week, perhaps a sign that Microsoft's all-in with Windows 8. During his cameo, Ballmer pointed out the early excitement over Windows 8 saying that users grabbed 500,000 copies of the Windows 8 Developer Preview from Microsoft's servers the very first night it went live, according to All Things Digital .

That's impressive, but it's not a sign Microsoft can rest on its laurels. Most of the heavy lifting is complete, but there's much work to be done on related services. Ballmer notes Microsoft still has "a long way to go with Windows 8."

Microsoft is pitching its upcoming OS as "reimagining Windows," and it's a philosophy that will extend to other products as well.

"We're retooling all of what we do," Ballmer said. "To me this all adds up to an unprecedented time of opportunity for developers."

And also uncertainty.

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