Windows 8 Dev Tablets Up For Sale On eBay

Brad Chacos

Screw the Emmys! The best gift bags of the past week came at Microsoft’s BUILD conference. The Redmond crew put their money where their mouths were and provided 5,000 developers with a tablet based off of the Samsung Series 7 Slate and packing a version of the Metro-tized Windows 8 Developer Preview. Theoretically, the gift was supposed to spur on app development for the upcoming operating system; instead, some not-so-gracious recipients have turned the tablets into quick cash on eBay.

Computerworld reports that fifteen of the tablets have been sold on the site, with the most expensive fetching $4,000. The average unit is sold for $2,844, but on the plus side, most offer free shipping. There are two still available , but you'll need to pony up at least $1,500 to make the minimum bid requirement for the items.

Anybody can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview directly from Microsoft, which may be why some cash-strapped devs have turned to the allure of a quick buck. The tablets given away at BUILD differ slightly from the standard Samsung Series 7 Slate in several ways, most notably in that they include a 3G radio – and a free one-year 3G contract with AT&T.

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