Windows 8 Dev Build Users Drop Significantly, Is It An Omen?

Brad Chacos

Ruh-roh: could the sky already be falling on Windows 8? Nope, not yet, but that’s what a report by ad network Chitika seems to insinuate. Since ads are obviously based on metrics, Chitika has been keeping tally on the number of impressions it receives from users running the Windows 8 Developer Preview, and the company claims that number has dropped dramatically since the Dev Build launched in late September. OH NOES! But does the drop in Dev Build users really matter?

CNET’s Lance Whitney caught a glimpse of the Chitika study and quoted the following from it: "With these changes just on the horizon ( i.e. the app store and the February Windows 8 beta –Brad ), it would seem that the level of anticipation and activity within developer communities should be increasing, although due to low levels we observed, this clearly paints a different picture.”

Whitney, like us, isn’t quite ready to sign Windows 8 death certificate quite yet, though. First off, remember the Dev Build is just that: a basic build that is supposed to be used by developers who want to create software for the upcoming operating system, not an everyday build. Sure, a huge number of people downloaded the build and took it for a spin when it launched a few months back – but remember that the drastically different new Metro interface has been generating a lot of attention in the press recently. A lot of everyday users -- not devs -- probably just downloaded the incomplete Dev Build to see what all the fuss was about, then went back to the awesomeness that is Windows 7. A few of you probably fit that bill to a T, in fact.

So whaddaya think: is the drop in Windows 8 Dev Build users a valid concern or simply much ado about nothing?

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