Windows 8 Blue Update Set to Address Issues With Ultra High Resolution Displays

Maximum PC Staff

Windows Blue appears to be taking on some serious issues.

Windows display scaling is, and has always been a complete mess. Sure you can bump up the multiplier to make it look half decent if you’re using just one display, but Windows 8 tablet owners are seeing a completely different problem. The next generation of devices are shipping with ultra-high resolution panels that are 10 inches or less in size, but when you try to hook these up to a larger external monitor to get real work done, finding a setting that works with both is a bit of a nightmare. One is always too big, or too small, and you can’t set the scaling separately. Newer laptops are going to run into a similar problem, but the new Windows Blue update may finally be tackling this issue head on.

Paul Thurrott from has noticed that a leaked build of the upcoming Windows 8 Blue update includes the option to “Let Windows manage my display settings”, which at least in his testing, yielded better results when mixing and matching displays with radically different DPIs. It’s an obvious feature when you think about it, and will become an increasingly frustrating problem as manufacturers start to roll out 1080p and higher displays as a standard option on portable machines if it’s not addressed.

Its great to see Microsoft tackling real world issues with its first major update to Windows 8, but we aren’t ready to lay on the praise until we find out if it’s being offered for free or not.

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