Windows 7's Multitouch Is Impressive for Productivity and Gaming


Gizmodo's Wilson Rothman installed Windows 7 Beta on an HP TouchSmart PC over the weekend, and offers a detailed look at how multitouch works, complete with several videos. Some highlights:

  • If you install Windows 7 Beta on a system that's already running the manufacturer's touch software, a clean install (instead of upgrading from Windows Vista) provides a truer multitouch experience with fewer configuration headaches
  • You can use multitouch as a mouse replacement; running Windows Media Center; zooming, rotating, and drawing; and for gaming
  • You can download a cool AirHockey demo (no quarters needed!)

Have you tried Windows 7's multitouch interface yet? Hit Comment and tell us what you liked about it - and what needs more work.

Illustration from video courtesy Gizmodo .

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