Windows 7, Vista Gain at XP's Expense

Pulkit Chandna

The venerable Windows XP operating system has shown few signs of perishing despite the fact that it is almost eight years old. Windows XP’s durability must be worrying Microsoft, which is preparing for the retail launch of XP’s grandson, Windows 7. But the OS usage figures for August released by web analytics company Net Applications will surely comfort Microsoft.

Windows XP usage plunged 1.1 percent in August, equaling its previous worst showing in November 2008. XP still has a viselike grip on the OS market, with a 71.8 percent market share. According to Net Applications’ data, Vista usage reached an all-time high of 18.8 percent in the month of August, during which it rose by 0.9 percent. Windows 7 also gained 0.3 percent to finish the month with a 1.2 percent market share.

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