Windows 7 Sales Still Strong, Hits 175m Licenses

Ryan Whitwam

You hear a lot of doom and gloom stories about Microsoft these days, but the Redmond software giant seems to be doing just fine. In the midst of earnings season, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to announce that they've sold 175 million copies of Windows 7 since its release. This keeps up the convenient rate of about 7 copies per second we heard a few months ago.

The interesting thing about the numbers is that demand is not yet falling off. People are adopting Windows 7 in droves, in many cases moving right from XP. While Microsoft probably isn't thrilled about people skipping Vista, the massive step up to Windows 7 is likely to impress skeptical consumers. One last stat from Microsoft; Windows 7 is now running on 16% of the world's PCs. Not bad.

Are you a Windows 7 user? If you made the jump from XP, let us know what you think about the latest and greatest.

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