Windows 7 Retail Boxes Start Arriving in Preparation for Launch Day

Justin Kerr

Unfortunately there isn’t much to say here that isn’t already captured in the headline, but it felt newsworthy nonetheless. Engadget has leaked some early photos of the final Windows 7 retail packaging, an image which helps send home the reality that our wait for the October 22nd launch is almost over. The source of the leak wasn't listed, but they did specify that the retailer who took the pictures is based out of Chicago.

The packaging is oddly reminiscent of the impossible to open hard shell case that Vista came in , but if figuring out how to bust open the packaging is the most challenging part of the upgrade, I’m sure we’ll be okay with that. Just in case it isn’t, don’t forget to check out our handy upgrade guide to answer all your remaining questions.

So, are you planning on upgrading right away? Or are you the type that likes to let everyone else shake out the bugs first?

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