Windows 7 Pricing and Upgrade Programs Revealed!


Microsoft yesterday announced retail pricing for Windows 7. The good news is it will be the same or cheaper than Windows Vista, however this only applies from Friday until July 11, less than a month from now. During that time, upgrade copies of Windows 7 Home Premium will run $49, while Windows 7 Professional will cost $99.

"That truly is a price that we have never even come close to in terms of an operating system release," Corporate Vice President Brad Brooks said. "We've still got a business to run."

When the OS ships in October, boxed copy prices will break down as follows:

  • Home Premium (Upgrade) - $119
  • Professional (Upgrade) - $199
  • Ultimate (Upgrade) - $219
  • Home Premium (Full) - $199
  • Professional (Full) - $299
  • Ultimate (Full) - $319

That puts Home Premium at a lower price point than the Vista equivalent, which sells for $239, and both Ultimate and Professional on par with each one's Vista counterpart.

Getting back to the pre-release upgrade pricing, Microsoft will only be selling a limited number of copies, though that number is unknown. These will be available at Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft's own store, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Costco, Staples, Wal-Mart, and a bunch of other retailers, CNet reports.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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