Windows 7 On Track, Vista Acceptance Up, Redmond Says


CNet reports that the development of Windows 7 is going well. According to Windows unit head Bill Veghte:

The product is tracking very, very well. We are committed and looking good, relative to our commitment--[shipping Windows 7] three years from general availability of Windows Vista.

That wasn't the only good news for Windows fans in Veghte's talk, though. The Mojave Project, which provides Windows XP users a chance to "taste-test" Vista under the code name Mojave, is making inroads (read our take here ). Veghte also cited recent internal figures showint that 89% of users are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with Windows Vista, and 83% would recommend Vista to friends or family.

Veghte also states that Internet Explorer 8, which we told you about earlier this year , will be available in final form later this year.

Vista Now? Windows 7 Later? Have Your Say

Windows Vista has come a long way since its introduction. With the release of SP1 and much better backing from the industry in terms of drivers,  applications, and support for 64-bit computing, how likely are you to try Vista by the end of this year? If you're going to wait for Windows 7, tell us that as well. Either way, give us your best pitch for going with Vista now or waiting for "lucky 7."

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