Windows 7: More Secure, Less Annoying


Windows 7 brings enterprises more security with less annoyance, says Paul Cook, director of Microsoft's Windows Client Enterprise Security, Cnet reports . Cook's remarks come as the annual RSA security conference opens .

How much less annoying? 29% fewer UAC prompts, according to Cook, and UAC can be fine-tuned to meet any Windows 7's user's requirements.

But there's more to Windows 7 security than a less nagging UAC:

Corporate users who run both Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate and Windows Server 2008 R2 will appreciate DirectAccess , which enables remote users of Windows 7 connecting to a Windows Server 2008 R2 server to get a secure connection without the hassle of traditional VPN configuration. DirectAccess can also be used to manage network clients.

BranchCache is another Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate feature designed to work with Windows Server 2008 R2 to improve network responsiveness.

BitLocker gets a major makeover in these editions of Windows 7 as well with the introduction of BitLocker to Go . BitLocker to Go provides full-disk encryption for removable-media drives such as USB flash memory devices. It also enables Windows XP and Windows Vista users read-only access for data sharing through the BitLocker to Go Reader application. The reader is installed to BitLocker-encrypted removable media by default, but users wil still need the appropriate password or credentials to open the files.

Another new feature in Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate is AppLocker , which is designed to prevent unlicensed or unauthorized software from chewing through network bandwidth and provides for better system management. AppLocker is configured through Group Policy.

Learn more about these and other Windows 7 security features, as well as some tricks users of other Windows 7 versions can use to be more secure, by visiting the Windows Team blog and the Windows Security blog . What's your favorite Windows 7 security feature? Hit Comment and speak up.

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