Windows 7 Fails Where XP Succeeds?


I have Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit. When I download pictures from the Internet, I want to save them to a specific folder—let’s call it ABC. I right-click the picture and select Save Picture As. Then Windows Explorer sends me to Libraries\Picture Library. I then navigate to ABC folder and click it, then click Save. I right-click the second picture, but I’m sent back to the pictures library! The save dialog in Windows XP would open right at the last directory I saved photos to, so I didn’t have to click back to the ABC folder every time. Why won’t Windows 7 do the same?


The doctor assumes you’re using Internet Explorer 8 (the default Internet browser in Windows 7). While it’s not clear why IE8 on Windows 7 doesn’t offer this functionality when IE8 in XP does, Microsoft has indicated that this is not a high-priority problem for them. You could try a different web browser, like Firefox or Chrome, which do remember the specific folder, or you could use a program like Belvedere. Belvedere is a little complex to set up, but basically it allows you to watch a folder and automatically move files to it based on certain criteria.

For example, if you want every .jpg file you save to be put in the ABC folder, you can set up Belvedere in your Libraries\Picture Library and make a filter so that every .jpg you save to the default folder gets moved to the ABC folder.

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