Windows 7 App Of The Week: Google Docs Notifier

David Murphy

You like Google Docs! I like Google Docs! We all like Google Docs!

If you fall into one of those three categories, then you know that Google Docs is a great, Web-based tool for creating, editing, and sharing documents—especially among larger groups of contributors than merely yourself.  However, you’ll also know that Google Docs is fairly worthless if you aren’t browsing it from its official home page.  Minus a few tricks here and there, there’s really little you can do outside of Google Docs: It’s the website or it’s nuttin’

Well, a new freeware tool has just popped up on our radar that gives you some new “offline” functionality for Google Docs.  And by that, we don’t mean offline as in “no Internet connection.” Rather, Google Docs Notifier does exactly as its name suggests: This utility lives in your system tray and tells you whenever a new document has been assigned to your account.  And, if you’re sharing documents with others, the utility will notify you exactly when someone else has made a change.

Although you can’t pull up every document within Google Docs at the click of a button, Google Docs Notifier does give you the ability to quick-click zyour way to any documents in your account that happen to be unread.  We’d love for a future version of this app to give us taskbar-based access to any Google Doc in our library but, as it stands, it sure is handy to be able to quickly jump to a document that a coworker has just put his or her stamp on.

Download it here!

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