Windows 7 Ad Flaunts Adorable Kid, Maximum PC Quote, and Pink Ponies

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft knows people like adorable kids in commercials. So why not throw one into an ad for Windows 7? Microsoft’s new advert for the upcoming OS includes the aforementioned adorable kid, a MaximumPC quote, and even some cute animals. You can’t really ask for more.

The video illustrates that even a properly motivated kid can use Windows 7. Little Kylie makes a slideshow of quotes from Windows 7 reviews (all “happy words” of course). You know… something that any kid would do. The ad ends with the now familiar “I’m a PC” line and a promise that more “happy words” are coming.

Most enthusiasts already know about the high praise Windows 7 has received. So, is this ad going to be effective in the mainstream?

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