Winamp Sale Could Save Media Player From Extinction, Shoutcast Too

Paul Lilly

Don't turn out the lights, the party might not be over

If you've been crying crocodile tears over the impending demise of Winamp , you can put that box of tissues back in the bathroom, the popular media player form yesteryear may not be getting unplugged after all. AOL is reportedly close to finalizing a package deal involving both Winamp and Shoutcast, and if completed, both would continue to exist under new ownership.

News of the potential deal comes from TechCrunch , which is owned by AOL. TechCrunch says Microsoft was previously in talks to purchase both Winamp and Shoutcast, though it's not clear if the Redmond software giant is the mystery suitor this time around.

Even if the negotiations run past today, TechCrunch's source says its unlikely either service will shut down, so long as a potential deal is on the table.

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