Will Windows Phone 8 Sport a Curved Keyboard?

Paul Lilly

Rectangular keyboards reign supreme, but there are a number of alternatives available that purportedly offer better ergonomics. Some of them feature rather minor tweaks, like the curvy Microsoft Natural keyboard, and others are downright funky ( we're looking at you, Maltron ). Could the same principle be applied to virtual planks on smartphones? Microsoft may be getting ready to answer that question with Windows Phone 8.

A leaked Microsoft Research presentation landed at WMPoweruser.com , which uploaded a pic showing a curved virtual keyboard designed for one-handed thumb typing. Many of the keys are clumped together with three or four characters, similar to a T9 layout, but with a QWERTY configuration.

The picture shows the keyboard on an HTC Trophy smartphone, so there's a chance this could also be rolled out with Windows Phone 7.8, not just Windows Phone 8, assuming Microsoft forges ahead with it in the first place.

Image Credit: WMPoweruser.com

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