Will Verizon Unveil an iPhone Tomorrow?

Paul Lilly

After months and months of rumors and specuation about Apple's iPhone heading to Verizon, we have...another rumor. So what's different this time?

For starters, we won't have to wait very long to find out if the latest buzz is a bunch of B.S. Reuters , quoting one of its sources, says Verizon will at long last unveil a version of the iPhone tomorrow, with sales of the device to follow a few weeks later.

No other details are yet known, such as pricing, and won't be until Verizon officially announces the partnership on Tuesday. But should this actually happen, it will be a huge win for Verizon, and a big loss for AT&T, which has been the sole wireless carrier of the iPhone since Apple launched the device over three years ago.

Does the possibility excite you, or are you fully entrenched with Android/RIM/WP7?

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