Will the Samsung Galaxy S II Ship as Scheduled?

Paul Lilly

We're not entirely sure what's up with Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S II smartphone, and apparently neither is Samsung. Earlier this week, Samsung Mobile India stated in a Twitter post that there's a delay in the global launch of the Galaxy S II and not to expect shipments until at least June. Samsung went on to say that "it's not just India, but it's delayed all over." Disappointing, but accurate? Perhaps not.

After news of the delay spread like wildfire on the Internet, Samsung posted a couple of follow up tweets refuting the delays.

"[Notice 1/2] Samsung Galaxy S II will be first released in April, as planned," the first tweet read. A second tweet states, "[Notice 2/2] It will be gradually rolled out in each market according to the local launch timetable."

So what does it all mean? Unfortunately, all we can gather from this is that the Galaxy S II will launch when it will launch. When it does, we're hoping it still comes with the upgraded 1.2GHz dual-core processor that was announced earlier this week, though we're reluctant to get our hopes up on anything until Samsung issues an official press release.

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