Will the Recession Lead to the Death of Desktop PCs?

Ryan Whitwam

The recession may be coming to an end, but desktop PC sales may never get back to where they were , according to Ray Chen of Compal Electronics.  The company expects to see a 20 percent and 10 percent rise in PC shipments, in the third and fourth quarters respectively.  Notebook sales remained strong throughout the recession.  This may mean that notebook sales will only continue to grow, as desktop sales remain comparatively stagnant.

Even Apple, whose sales have remained strong, saw a 20 percent decline in desktop sales volume.  Some questions remain as businesses may have been holding off on new PC orders during the recession.  The corporate world has traditionally chosen desktops over laptops.  However, Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst for iSuppli, contends that businesses will choose mobility over performance as they place new orders.

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