Will Seagate Unveil A 5TB HDD At CES In January?

Brad Chacos

Got a hankering for some massive on the run file storage that Seagate’s humongous 4TB external hard drive just can’t fix? Give it time, folks, give it time. Seagate has been upping storage capacity for its drives on a pretty regular basis, and even though that 4TB drive debuted just last month, a Middle Eastern salesman for Seagate has hinted that a 5TB model will be unveiled as early as next January.

“Five TB is on the way,” a salesman named Christian says at the 6:52 mark of this interview with tbreakTV, “And I think that within three months you will see it.” That was after spending the previous minute talking about Seagate’s advances in HDD technology and its quest to be first to market with new devices. Christian suggests that the 5TB drive will utilize five 1TB platters, unlike the previously released GoFlex Desk drive, which used five 800GB platters to achieve its total storage size of 4TB.

Seagate told Tom’s Hardware that the news and timeframe of a 5TB drive “isn't any real revelation.” So, there we have it. Remember that CES 2012 runs from January 10 to January 13. Hopefully the flooding in Thailand doesn’t affect development of the rumored new drive.

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