Will Intel Skip Over Ivy Bridge E?

Paul Lilly

The enthusiast successor to Ivy Bridge is reportedly delayed.

It's a bit of a foggy future when it comes to Intel's Ivy Bridge E refresh, the enthusiast-grade successor to Ivy Bridge. There are conflicting reports on the web, including one that states Ivy Bridge E is being delayed, though there's a chance it may never see the light of day. Instead, Intel might choose to skip the enthusiast part and jump straight to Haswell E. First things first.

According to Fudzilla , Intel's server team has decided not to launch Ivy Bridge E in the third quarter as originally planned. Q3 begins in July, a slow month for IT, so it was previously thought Ivy Bridge E might show up in August or September, one quarter after the launch of desktop Haswell parts.

That might still be the plan, though according to TweakTown's sources, it's at least plausible Intel will skip Ivy Bridge E and jump straight to Haswell E.

"The source let us know that the next-generation performance range of CPUs will be coming by the end of the year, and not 2014 as previous speculated. This news comes from a source that is very close to the subject," TweakTown reports.

It's anyone's guess whether or not that performance part will be Ivy Bridge E or Haswell E, though it's worth noting that an Ivy Bridge E engineering sample showed up on Ebay last month.

For those of you who purchased an LGA 2011 motherboard, cross your fingers for Ivy Bridge E -- word on the web is that Haswell E will require a new chipset (X99) and is unlikely to be compatible with existing X79 boards.

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