Will Amazon Unveil a Full Size Kindle Fire Tablet During September Press Event?

Paul Lilly

Exactly two weeks from today -- September 6, 2012, if you don't want to consult a calendar -- Amazon will hold a press conference in Santa Monica, California, according to invitations it sent out to members of the press. It's a safe bet Amazon will launch a new wave of Kindle products during that time, and if the e-tailer plans on releasing a full size Kindle Fire tablet, could there be a better time?

There have been rumors that Amazon is working on a 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet to compete with Apple's iPad device, though nothing concrete. As rumor has it, the enlarged Kindle Fire will blaze a quad-core processor, front-facing camera, micro USB port, and perhaps HDMI output.

This info isn't coming from sketchy sources, either. According to Reuters , Staples president Demos Parneros recently said Amazon is getting ready to introduce five or six tablet SKUs, among them a 10-inch model.

It will also be interesting to see if Amazon unveils a second generation 7-inch Kindle Fire device next week to compete with Google's recently launched Nexus 7 tablet. Unless you're invested in Amazon Prime and can't live without its catalog of streaming titles on your tablet device, there's really not much reason to choose a Kindle Fire over a Nexus 7, and at some point Amazon will have to address that. With the back-to-school shopping season upon us and the holiday shopping season right around the corner, next week would be as good of a time as any.

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