Wikipedia Wants to Publish a Book with 90,000 Authors


In what would typically be a publishing nightmare (and might still be), Wikipedia announced it will attempt to make history in print publishing by creating a book with about 90,000 authors, which would rank as the most credited individual authors ever. To help them do that, the online encyclopedia has partnered with German publisher Bertelsmann, and the two of them will set out to create a single-volume print encyclopedia containing 25,000 of German Wikipedia's most popular articles.

Set to go on sale in September for around $32 USD, The One-Volume Wikipedia Encyclopedia will have a credits page that runs 27 pages "in a dense layout -- it's a page full of names, separated by commas." One of those names will be Theodore Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber. All 25,000 articles will be short in length running no more than a few paragraphs each. But will they be factually correct?

Image Credit: Wikipedia

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