Wikipedia Dumps GoDaddy Due To GD's Pro-SOPA/PIPA Stance

Brad Chacos

A couple of months have passed since the SOPA/PIPA uproar, and things on the online rights front have simmered down quite a bit, for the most part -- Megaupload and related happenings aside. One organization hasn't forgotten the promises it made in the heat of the moment, however: the Wikimedia Foundation. If you remember, Jimmy Wales said Wikipedia would transition away from GoDaddy's services because of the registrar's support for the controversial bill. That transition is currently underway , Wikimedia revealed in a blog post Wednesday.

The news was hidden in a single line of a long list of engineering changes, which Network World helpfully pointed out . The sentence itself seemed plain enough: "The Wikimedia Foundation has started to move its domain names from GoDaddy to MarkMonitor." A link to a February listserv message from Jay Walsh , Wikimedia's head of communications, shed more light on the issue:

Hi folks - you may have seen some media coverage recently about Wikimedia's intentions around GoDaddy. It is true that WMF is still planning to move 100% away from GoDaddy for all of its domain name services .

I've been informed that we're currently working with MarkMonitor to carry out a full switch-over, which as many of you will appreciate, takes time. WMF is going to post to the blog and generally share this information as soon as the process is complete. Until then, it does mean that you'll see in some of our DNS registrations that GoDaddy is still listed. We're working on it :)

Kudos to Jimmy and the Wikimedia Foundation for staying true to their word!

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