Wikipedia Back Online After Repairing Cut Cables, Summer School Students Rejoice

Paul Lilly

Online encyclopedia site Wikipedia was generally unavailable around the globe this morning after two cables stretching between Tampa, Florida and Virginia were cut this morning. Depending on location, Wikipedia was either completely dark or extremely slow loading, It took a little over an hour to repair the severed cables, and then another hour to restore service.

According to a BBC News report , Wikipedia doesn't suspect foul play, though it's not yet known what exactly caused the incident.

The outage caused a spike in activity on Twitter, as users flocked to the microblogging service to share their frustrations 140 characters at a time, many of them comical and/or snarky. One user wrote, "Breaking: Wikipedia is down. Millions on Twitter are prevented from being instant experts during online arguments." After service was restored, another user tweeted, "Wikipedia is back! Phew! For a while there I felt like Batman without his utility belt."

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