WikiLeaks Founder Back in Court for Extradition Hearing

Paul Lilly

Remember Julian Assange? The WikiLeaks founder was, for a period of time in the tech world, public enemy number one. He both embarrassed and enraged the U.S. government by publishing thousands of classified U.S. documents and other sensitive information. He and his site dominated headlines long before LulzSec rode in and out of town, and he's back in them again, this time for trying to fight extradition to Sweden, according to an AP report .

Assange faces sexual assault charges in Sweden, and according to his attorney, Ben Emmerson, one of the points of contention is that the European arrest warrant issued against him falsely describes what happened. Emmerson also argues that since Assange is only wanted for questioning, extraditing him is going overboard.

The real reason Assange is resisting a return to Sweden is because he fears he would then be extradited to the U.S. for posting confidential information online. He currently resides in England, where he is out on bail working from a wealthy supporter's mansion. Assange lamented in a recent interview that his bail conditions call for an overnight curfew, and that he has to wear an electronic tag and check in with police each day.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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