Wikia, Wikipedia's For-Profit Spin-Off, Lays Off 30% of Its Staff


Maximum PC readers (and anyone with an internet connection) are undoubtedly familiar with Wikipedia, the free online community-based encyclopedia with topics ranging from modern art to the history of vomiting . But what you may not realize is that a for-profit spin-off exists that continues to try and strike gold on the coattails of Wikipedia. But instead of being a cash cow, founder Jimmy Wale's is scrambling to save what might be a sinking ship.

Citing an un-named tipster, reports the 43-person company has laid off 30 percent of its staff, or almost a third of its employees. Word on the web is that Wikia is suffering significant losses in cash, in part because of offices located in San Francisco, New York, and Poland. It also doesn't help that potential cash makers like Wikia Search have proved unpopular, and without another $14 million cash infusion from investors like Bessemer Venture Partners and, Wikia might not be long for the web.

Image Credit: Wikia

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