Wii U Controller Will Pack NFC Functionality

Pulkit Chandna

Until a couple of years back, it seemed as if Nintendo simply could not put a foot wrong. But things have changed drastically in this time and the company hasn’t been in the best of financial health lately. Just to give you an idea of Nintendo’s financial plight, the company is now expecting its first annual loss in 30 years. It’s pretty obvious that it desperately needs a spark from somewhere to fire up a financial revival. Will that much needed spark come from the Wii U and its tablet-like controller? Well nobody can say for sure at this point. However, there’s something we now know for sure: that the Wii U’s controller will pack NFC (Near Field Communication) support.

This was revealed by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata during the company’s third quarter financial results briefing: “As many of you know, NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication, which is a set of standards to establish radio communication in close proximity. The NFC I’m referring to here is the noncontact NFC standard that is compatible with FeliCa and MIFARE, and is expected to be widely used around the world in the near future.”

“By installing this functionality, it will become possible to create cards and figurines that can electronically read and write data via noncontact NFC and to expand the new play format in the video game world. Adoption of this functionality will enable various other possibilities such as using it as a means of making micropayments.”

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