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Laser Force

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I guess I don't 'get' lasers, Jon. But that's just me!


Yes, I'm jealous because I want it and I can't afford it, OK! Happy now!





While on a beach watch fireworks, this hindu family gave their 10 yr old kids to play with these lasers - they were point it all over the place, hitting people in the eyes while moving it randomly.  I finally turned around and warn them that if they kept on, I would punch them in the face and confiscate them and call the police for assault (my punch would be in self-defence).  They packed up and prompty left.  Assholes.



I like your style, dude. Come on over to Brooklyn one day, we will go hang at Coney Island.



Honestly, a 9? For a laser that blasts the fact that its a watt of power in you face, that usually hits only 700mw, and probably then only with about 100mw of infrared in there too. In addition, a high price for the 300mw version, when other laser suppliers have 400mw green lasers that are both actually up to spec and $100 cheaper. Once again, wicked lasers is using their marketing instead of actual competiveness when selling their products.

Oh, and many of the claims made on their website make no sense. There's no reason that this laser can go 85 miles while the artic can't. Either way, the same amount of photons reaches the distance, the only difference is how our eyes percieve the photons.

And the fact that the laser is legal to import is even questionable. Wicked has been caught making up FDA approval numbers before, and I've already heard reports of some of these getting seized by customs. Next time, please do some research before you post reviews like this.



Sadly it feels like only a matter of time before someone does something stupid with it, and pursues its banning from the hands of civilians. 



If this company had any decency at all, they'd send a truckload of these to every gang neighborhood in the country for free.  Then they could all blind each other instead of killing each other.  Tremendous benefit to blinding your enemy rather than killing them... (1) the jail time is massively reduced, and (2) as long as your enemy doesn't know who you are, you get away scott free as it's now impossible for your blind enemy to retaliate, or talk to a sketch artist to have your picture put out in the public.

Of course the gang members are too stupid to figure this out, so someone's got to spread the word.

Eventually, as they start blinding normal citizens, these will become illegal to own as they should have been in the first place.

Why am I the smartest guy in the room?  Why the hell cant the morons in congress or at this company figure this out?



Can someone please tell me what it is used for?



Balloon popping, match lighting and stick burning. Didn't you read the article? :-) Seriously, one use is pointing out night sky objects at star parties such as stars and planets.



Now, I just gotta get the sharks, so I can put these frickin' laser beams on them.  Damn, Dr. Evil is upset it took this long to make those laser beams.



The possibilities only go up from here



I'm kind of glad this thing runs a grand. At half that price, I'd be tempted, which would end up being the first of many temptations, many of them ill advised.



Then again, there's always the Arctic model...

And even a 300mW model is pretty damn powerful. Balloon popping and stick burning with it is still possible, I think (although maybe not with the safety on).



I was able to pop black baloon and light a match with 50mW laser, it takes a while but works (sometimes). With 300mW I imagine it would be quite easy...



It will also weed out some of the idiots, as mentioned. *hopefully*


laser lover

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