Wi-REACH Classic Provides Hotspot for Ten Devices

Maximum PC Staff

It’s awkward, that’s for sure, being the only one in a group with a 3G connection and everyone you're with needing to tap into the Internet. You don’t really want others pounding away on your hardware, but how can you gracefully say no? Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are the answer, and Connect One’s got a new one to consider : the Wi-REACH Classic.

The Wi-REACH Classic is a self-contained, battery powered unit capable of hooking up with a 3G USB modem to create a mobile Wi-Fi (b/g) hotspot capable of hosting up to ten Wi-Fi devices. The Wi-REACH Classic is built around Connect One’s CO2144 “router on a chip” communication engine . It is ready to go for 3G, with 4G but a software update away. The Wi-REACH Classic will also support WiMAX and LTE, when they become available.

The Wi-REACH Classic's battery delivers four to five hours of use, and can be recharged with a built-in USB connector. At a bit over 5-inches by 3-inches and weighing 3.9 ounces it's pretty painless to carry around.

The Wi-REACH Classic sells for $99, and is available from ConnectOne.

Image Credit: Connect One

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