Wi-Fi Xoom Reportedly Heading to Staples March 27th

Paul Lilly

While the Apple faithful made sure Apple's iPad 2 launch was a success, you sat at home thinking, "Big whoop, it's an iOS device. I'm holding out for the Wi-Fi Xoom!" That's not a bad plan, assuming you're willing to pony up $600 for a superior spec'd Android tablet, and while it was initially looking like you'd have to wait until April, new information suggests you might be able to snag one by the end of March.

A leaked Staples flier advertising the Wi-Fi Xoom popped up on Droid-Life.com . In it, Staples says the Xoom is "arriving in stores beginning March 27!" That's just shy of two weeks, and shorter than the 3-4 weeks Apple is quoting buyers for new shipments of all iPad 2 models.

If you're not in a rush, word on the Web is that Sam's Club will be selling the Wi-Fi only Xoom for $539, a stellar deal if you already have a membership. And if you don't, memberships start at $40 ($35 for business membership), so you can still come out ahead of the game.

Image Credit: Motorola

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