Why It's Too Early to Judge Windows 8 Sales

Paul Lilly

Microsoft exec says Windows 8 sales are "just getting started."

You've heard time and again that Windows 8 is a reimagining of the Windows ecosystem, and there's truth in that statement. At its core, Windows 8 is a faster version of Windows 7 with better security, but on the surface (pun intended), it's an entirely difference experience predicated on touchscreen computing and, to an extent, content consumption. Windows 8 has motivated PC makers to think outside the box and come out with new form factors, and it's for that very reason Microsoft would argue that it's too early to judge sales figures.

That's hard to do when you have online number crunchers claiming Windows 8 has gotten off to a worse start than Vista . Nevertheless, Microsoft last month said it sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses, but more importantly, Redmond believes once the hardware catches up with the software, it will be a brand new ball game.

"It's built for a new generation of new devices," Tami Reller, Microsoft's head of business and marketing for Windows, told All Things D in an interview. "They didn't come for the holiday."

There have been rumors that Microsoft isn't happy with PC makers for failing to fully ready themselves for the launch of Windows 8, and Reller's comment subtly underscores that sentiment. Regardless of which side is at fault, all that matters is that Windows 8-based devices keep coming out, which in turn will spur more Windows 8 sales.

"We are really just getting started," Reller says. "It's a solid start."

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