Who are the Sexiest Geeks of 2008?

Paul Lilly

A little over two decades ago, Kelly LeBrock would have been a shoe-in as the year's sexiest geek for her role as the computer-generated hottie in Weird Science (check out this NSFW trailer ). Today, probably not so much. Taking her place are 2008's sexiest geeks as voted by Wired.com readers , the results of which might surprise you.

Taking the top spot is Philip DeFranco, a 23-year-old video blogger (we refuse to say 'vlogger') whose ' The Philip DeFranco Show ' boasts over 100 million views on YouTube. At number 7, kooky faux newsman Stephen Colbert checks in as the only other male to make the list.

Marina Orlova, whose HotForWords videos earned her the number 1 spot in 2007 dropped to number 2 this time around. The rest of the pack includes Kari Byron (3) of MythBusters, Electric Playground host Jade Raymond (4), World of Warcraft fan Mila Kunis (5), Tina Fey (6) of 30 Rock , actress Zooey Deschanel (8), math advocate and actress Danica McKellar (9), and actress Alyson Hannigan (10).

Who do you think should be considered 2008's sexiest geeks? Hit the jump and let us know!

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