Whiz Kid Who Impressed President with Marshmallow Cannon is Now Intel's Youngest Intern

Paul Lilly

Marshmallow cannon shoots 16-year-old prodigy straight into an internship at Intel

Most 16-year-olds probably spent their holiday vacation playing video games, hanging out with friends, cruising the mall, and doing whatever it is that teenagers do in their free time these days. Joey Hudy did something different. Hudy, who made headlines for wowing President Barack Obama with his marshmallow cannon in February 2012, attended Intel's New Hire Orientation (NEO), officially making him the Santa Clara chip maker's youngest person ever hired through the company's Corporate Internship Program.

The high school sophomore first met Intel chief Brian Krzanich at the Rome Maker Faire last October. According to an article on Hudy's blog post , Krzanich hired the teen on the spot.

"We hope to forge a lasting relationship with Joey, and all our interns, as we support their professional development," Vaadra Martinez, U.S. Internet Program Manager in HR, said in a statement.

Hudy, a math and engineering whiz named one of the 10 smartest kids in the world by Brilliant.org, is one of around 1,500 interns Intel hired this year, and the only one without a driver's license. His mom Julie drove him to NEO. Once school is out for the summer, he'll be working in the New Device's Group's Product Development division before going back to class in the autumn.

Remember his name -- we have a feeling we'll be hearing more about Hudy's accomplishments and professional career in the years to come.

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