White iPhone 4 Nearing Release?

Paul Lilly

It was seven months ago to the day that Apple released the GSM version of its iPhone 4, which was supposed to be available in black and white trim. But for whatever reason, Apple hasn't been able to offer its customers the white version in all that time. That might be about to change.

Mac Rumors claims to have received a screenshot from an un-named source showing the white iPhone 4 SKU in Best Buy's database. This was initially reported as an inventory database screenie, but BGR says it's actually a snapshot of Best Buy's Employee Toolkit. The reason this matters is that in-stock dates, which the screenshot shows as February 27, 2011, usually don't represent the launch date.

In any event, it appears that the iPhone 4 in white digs will show up very soon, likely by the end of March.

Image Credit: Mac Rumors

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