White iPhone 4 Delayed Until "Later in 2010"

Ryan Whitwam

The hits just keep on coming for Apple as of late. After finally addressing the iPhone 4 antenna issue last week, they have now announced that the white version of the phone is going to be delayed until later in 2010 . Previously it was supposed to show up in the second half of July. Apple cites unexpected manufacturing issues.

There are a number of theories on just what is causing the delay. Perhaps the most conspiratorial of them is that Apple may be refining the antenna design on this model. More likely is that the glass back is not clear enough and makes the white iPhone look almost off-white. Call us crazy, but with all the things that can go wrong with a smartphone, we wouldn't have expected the color to be a big issue.

With this setback, and the recent antennagate fiasco, the iPhone's sterling image is looking a little tarnished. What do you think is holding up the phone?

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