Which Do You Use Most Often to Take Pictures, a Digital Camera or Your Smartphone?

Paul Lilly

Just a few short years ago, we wouldn't even discussing smartphones versus digital cameras in the photography field. And in terms of professional photography, we still aren't. But for any Johnny-come-lately looking to snap a photo and upload it to Facebook, most modern smartphones suffice. It's because of this that smartphones have started to close the gap with digital cameras as the top device for taking pictures, but how far is the divide?

According to The NPD Group , digital cameras still rank as the device with the largest percentage of all photos taken at 51 percent. However, smartphones don't trail by much, checking in at 42 percent.

"Mobile phones have allowed more people to capture spontaneous images and videos on the go; with increasingly better quality and the immediate gratification of instant sharing, the imaging industry benefits with more widespread enjoyment of photos and videos," said Liz Cutting, executive director and senior imaging analyst at NPD. "But the future for dedicated cameras is bright, as their dual purpose of still and video capture opens the eyes of consumers to multimedia memories, Imaging marketers should capitalize on the need for better and more creative editing, sharing, archival, and printing."

Age plays a role in this discussion as well. Teenagers 13-17 years old use their mobile phones to snap pics 54 percent of the time versus using a digital camera 36 percent of the time. Moms, on the other hand, use their phones to take pictures 40 percent of the time and their digital cameras 55 percent of the time.

What do you use more often to take pictures with, your mobile phone, digital camera, or some other device?

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