Where Will Acer's New CEO Lead the Company?



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I had my first Acer laptop in 2008, they were great back then, and there customer service was amazing, 4 years go by, I get another Acer laptop -- after going through a Lenovo & ASUS -- and last year I had to call CS for information, holy hell did it ever go down hill. They don't want to listen to your questions, they try and talk over you, or they just interrupt you altogether, and when you do get a word in edgewise, there answer is "I don't know".



Now I know some people's opinions will differ, but I can never see Acer as anything more than a budget computer company that cuts corners. Their ultrabooks were the only thing that I would've considered... if their nicer models didn't do weird things like put the trackpad above the keyboard or not include the F-key row.



Acer = Budget PC Maker with lousy India-Based tech Support. My friend purchased a Notebook from them. Thing broke in less than 3 months.