Where are Intel's 10GHz Processors Hiding?

Paul Lilly

Ready for a bold prediction ? By the year 2011, processors will have broken the 10GHz barrier. So says Intel, but there's a caveat: The Santa Clara chip maker made this prediction nearly 10 years ago, long before the company ditched its Netburst architecture like a crazy ex-girlfriend (we've all been there, right?).

At the time, Intel also said it was working on a system bus that would run faster than its then-upcoming 400MHz (effective) Pentium 4 bus. Boy how times have changed. At this point, it seems far more likely that we'll see 10-core processors (or more) before 10GHz is ever realized, which underscores just how difficult it is to make reliable predictions in the tech industry.

"If 10GHz is the best that Intel can do by 2011, AMD or somebody else is going to eat their lunch," a Geek.com reader commented in response to Intel's 10GHz prediction. "Intel better pick up the pace if they want to remain dominate."

Ten years ago, Intel probably wasn't worried about GPUs encroaching on CPUs, but if you ask Nvidia, graphics chips are the future of computing. Not only that, but Nvidia's Bill Daily, chief scientist and senior vice president of research at Nvidia, recently wrote an obituary for Moore's Law, saying that "the CPU scaling predicted by Moore's Law is now dead."

Do you think we'll ever see 10GHz processors? If so, when? Will CPUs be eclipsed by GPUs during the next decade? Post your tech predictions in the comments section below!

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