Where Are All the Stylish 3D Glasses?

Paul Lilly

At some point, glasses-free 3D displays will become both affordable and commonplace (assuming the 3D fad sticks around long enough). Since we're stuck wearing eye gear in the meantime, why haven't we seen more trendy specs?

Del Rey & Co. must have wondered the same thing. Yanko Design, our go-to site for sometimes groovy prototypes (and sometimes laughable concepts), tipped us off that Del Rey & Co. has put together a collection of 3D glasses "inspired by combining vintage 60's style Lexington glasses, and current fashion trends."

There are six different styles to choose from, each one with thick frames and .08mm lenses, which the company claims results in a more crisp picture.

Check out the collection here .

Image Credit: Del Rey & Co.

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