When Smartphones Attack: Man Bloodied by Exploding Droid 2

Paul Lilly

Motorola may have messed with a man from Texas when the company's Droid 2 smartphone allegedly exploded while he was talking on the device, Fox News in Dallas-Fort Worth reports .

"I heard a pop. I didn't feel any pain initially. I pulled the phone down. I felt something dripping," says Aron Embry, who claims he was injured by a Droid 2 device. "I realized that it was probably blood. I went into the house and as I got into the bathroom and once I got to the mirror and saw it, it was only then I kinda looked at my phone and noticed the screen had appeared to burst outward."

Embry's tussle with a Droid 2 ended with both sides sustaining injuries. The Droid 2 left Embry with a bloodied ear that required stitches and a four-hour emergency room visit, while the Droid 2 now has a cracked screen. Both survived the incident.

A local cell phone dealer and repairman is calling shenanigans on the whole ordeal.

"The Droids are fantastic devices. It's all just a matter of how you care for the device," says Daniel Harrison, who says he's been in the cell phone business for a decade. "But it looks to me like it wasn't something that was just a manufacture defect. It looks like it was actually user caused."

Motorola said it will reach out to Embry and investigate the attack. In the meantime, we're again reminded why Old Glory Insurance makes a lot of sense.

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