WHDI-enabled Smartphones, Tablets to Debut in 2012

Pulkit Chandna

Amimon expects its Wireless High-Definition Interface (WHDI) technology to be inside smartphones and tablets by 2012 , according to Yoav Nissan-Cohen, chairman and CEO of Amimon.  WHDI is a wireless High Definition video standard that uses the same unlicensed 5GHz band of spectrum as 802.11a to transfer “top-quality wireless uncompressed HD video” from WHDI-enabled sources to HDTVs around the home.

Initially, mobile handset vendors will have to embed a special chip to enable WHDI connectivity, but Amimon hopes to change that by adding a small logic to Wi-Fi’s MAC, paving the way for a “WHDI in software IP” solution, offering vendors “low-cost, low-power, virtually zero-latency, high-range wireless video capability for free.”

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