WhatsApp Continues to Grow After Facebook Acquisition, Hits 600 Million Users



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I've been using whatsapp past 1 year without paying! Everytime the app asks me to pay, I hit pay later and they extend my service another month. Well, the app sucks anyway, I like Viber better. I started using SureSpot which is an opensource app with AES-128bit encryption and nice features only found in SureSpot. Like the control of the sent attachment (picture or sound) whether the recipient can share or save it to his sd card (simply by locking or unlocking the attachment from the sender side by clicking on the attachment). AND deleting the attachment from the sender side will delete the attachment from the recipient side too >:>

Anything deals with Facebook, is a big NO NO. Once my friends switch to or start using the other apps, I will deactivate whatsapp and uninstall that pos.